Items I’m glad aren’t just for disabled people

Whoever’s tried buying any special disability products will know how pricey it can be. It’s the old supply and demand adage. A good accessible bath could cost you billions. Not really, but you could pay a few thousand for the privilege of a bath with a built-in chair lift. Here’s a short list of stuff that could’ve easily been exclusive disability products, but thankfully aren’t.
If it wasn’t for the invention of straws I’d have to take a shower each time I finish a drink. That’s around 8 showers a day. Plus I’d be dehydrated because my shirt would’ve soaked up the majority of the liquid. I have no idea what’s so fun about the concept of party straws, but keep on partying you crazy straw partiers. If straws were exclusively for the physically disabled, it’d probably cost around £60 for a pack – of one.
Before the ereader reading was a bit of a task for me, especially when it came to reading big 400+ page novels. Beginning them was fine. I’d hold the left-hand page down with my knee, and the weight of the other side held itself down. The closer you’d get to the middle, however, the more challenging things became. Wrestling with paper and punching pages in the face is all in the past with the ereader*. If this was an item just for the disabled, I dread to think what the device would cost, and for a lot less books, no doubt. I’d think that only do-good authors would make ebooks available to the device, since so few would be buying. Argue away over how paper’s the best, devices are breakable etc. Just please keep buying the things for those friends who do like them.
Remote controls
One person’s lazy is another’s independence. Without TV remotes, I would’ve unintentionally beaten so many TVs to a pulp in heavy-handed attempts to find a good channel. The remote is more or less indestructible. The only time it’s a pain is when the infrared sucks, but you can try fixing this by slamming the remote against the wall once or twice. This is how I know it’s indestructible. Nowadays you have remote apps too on tablets so you can have remotes of TV remotes, and now I can be lazy as well as independent. Either I turn half a circle and change Sky over using the real remote on my floor or, as I’ve just finished messing around with an app and am still on the iPad… I can also work my sound system completely off my iPad. Good. Viva la lazy revolution.
It’s great that there’s people out there creating niche products that will make other’s lives easier, and some specialised things are cheap. But when a product is both useful and mainstream, I’m all in.

*If you are a stubborn paperback fan with jerky movements, try using a long paperweight or a sand-stuffed toy that can stretch across the entire book. Remove when turning the page or the weight’s blocking a line. You probably figured that one out by now anyway.


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