I’m now 24 and it feels like I’ve been around forever. Every personal experience, every daydream, everything I’ve ever done or thought to do all contained in 2 and a quarter decades.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t imagine not existing. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. Yet it’s a scientific fact that somewhere in the future my ability to experience life and all that surrounds it (i.e. everything) will be lost, just as I wasn’t around to experience anything for millions upon millions of years pre-1991. Human life seems so long and big, yet the average tortoise is set to outlive me.
What are we supposed to do with this information? I don’t know. It’s just something I like pondering from time to time. You only live once. YOLO! I hate that this phrase has been sucked dry of any meaning.
’Yes, I will get another drink. YOLO.’
It’d be great if, whenever we heard the phrase or saw someone wearing one of those t-shirts (someone somewhere is wearing one), we’d be triggered into thinking about the temporality of everything, and how special all of this is with the atoms and the molecules and such. And what a shame it is that people like Carl Sagan aren’t around to enjoy the privilege of being Carl Sagan anymore, but man is it cool that they existed so that we, the living, can look back in awe of their person/work/art/influence. And if this is my first and last chance of living, I’ll take time out to enjoy this bizarre journey to nowhere. Etc.
But nope, YOLO is LOL wearing antlers on its head for a laugh.


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