Appreciating the small things

So I just watched this program about a woman trying to deal with terminal cancer. Yes we’re talking mortality again, sorry. No, actually we’re talking life. One of the people this woman talked to – a man living in constant uncertainty about his future – emphasised the notion of being in the moment, going out of your way to notice the small, often overlooked delights. So here are some things off the top of my head that tickle my cells, when I take the time to observe.

Bubbles. Look at a soap bubble and you’re looking into a mini mirror of reality, so small, so fragile yet capturing a trippy reflection of the immediate setting. Bubble baths are particularly cool because you get to stare at thousands of the things, and then pop some in celebration of the temporality of everything. I think the bubble bath bottles should give up on pretending there’s health benefits involved. Just say ’This product is stupid fun and utterly pointless. Enjoy.’
Shoes clipping upon hard floor. In a busy town centre, feeling a bit stressed? If you were me I’d tell you/me/we to listen to the beats of feet on the street. Seriously, whether someone’s walking fast or slow, they usually produce a consistent rhythms of clops. By the way, say ’clip-clop’ out loud. How nice does that alone sound? It’s an incredible verbal take on what I’m referring to here. One foot clips, the other (to my ear) clops. Even if a person looks miserable trotting around in the rain, their trotting betrays them with its lively rhythm. Oh, and don’t underestimate the beauty of a well-timed scuff either. A busy town could now resemble a pleasant ’clip-clopping’ orchestra.
The car window raindrop race. It’s been too long since I did this one. I’ve always been good at withstanding long car journeys and I owe a bit of this to the viewing spectacle I discovered as a kid. The big blob aligns next to the thin drop, who will reach the bottom of the car window first? The two roll down at equal speeds, picking through stationary raindrops as they go. But what’s this? The thin drop is now racing down its trail, eating up all its stationary predecessors, fat and fast. Meanwhile, big blob took a wrong turn and ended up on a dead-end trail: with no stationary drops nearby to pull it downwards, poor blob is having to crawl its way along. Basically think Pac-man (if eating dots made Pac-man fat) with the gameshow Tipping Point (if the discs could go through some of the pins).
I’ll leave it there for now. I’ve proved myself insane enough (or is that inane? Autocorrect asks smugly). I’m off to watch raindrops dribble down the window for an hour.


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