Driving chairs on autopilot

I’m starting to realise I’m not good on autopilot. I have a little electric chair that I drive around the house. Since I use it everyday my brain assumes the subconscious is in control and so focusses on other stuff, daydreams.

Two days ago I drove full speed into a cupboard, cutting my knee on its metal handle. Then later I rushed the transfer onto the chair and was fortunate to fall face first onto the seat’s cushion. Now today I’ve reversed straight into a cup that was on the floor, splitting it in half and spraying glass across the floor.

I need to slow down, be more mindful of what I’m doing. It doesn’t help that the chair’s speed button is broken and is stuck on max. You get cocky driving around indoors when there’s less risk of running people over, yet there are more than enough objects and tight turns for me to worry about. Overconfidence can backfire on you sometimes. I feel invincible until I slam my knee into a cupboard.


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