Scooters for Hire

When I was in Spain last year, everyone seemed to be driving hired scooters around. This local shop was offering the chance to use an electric scooter for up to an hour.

Loads of middle aged Brits were riding them around for a laugh, the vehicle constantly stop-starting as they tried to work out the controls.

I wish I found driving my wheelchairs such fun. I equate it to walking or driving a car; do it everyday and it becomes a necessity, though I do enjoy manoeuvring my 4×4 chair down narrow uneven paths.

Maybe in the future they’ll be hiring out those walking robotic legs, enabling me to do some backflips or something more useful like flick the v at those steps that would’ve otherwise cut my walk short. I’ll probably have to queue up though because the abled-bodied will be wanting a turn, the pricks.


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