I am an Islamophobe

The world is becoming too soft. We’re so concerned about being nice people these days that we’re ignoring reality. In my view, this explains the spread of the term ‘Islamophobe’ *gag*.

For a while, many angry dumbasses labelled every Muslim a terrorist. Now a group of dumbass hippies have jumped to a new extreme, confusing people with ideas. Apparently nobody is allowed to criticise Islam anymore, perhaps the most brutal religion in the world.

Muslims are people and should be treated and judged as individuals. Islam is a religion which contains both good and disgusting ideas, and all ideas should be up for scrutiny in the west. This is what free speech is about, remember.

I can’t believe how commonplace the ‘I-word’ has recently become. It made an appearance at the presidential debate for goodness’ sake. Part of me likes to think that the majority of people who use it mean ‘prejudice’, but I’m not convinced that that’s the case.

After the terrible Orlando shootings gay people across America were hailing Islam as the religion of peace. Why? The Middle East has a long, long way to go when it comes to gay rights, and that’s putting it stupidly mildly.

Why deny reality to be kind when you can just use common sense instead? Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. On the other hand, most terrorist acts today are carried out by Muslims. Like it or not, the Quran contains a lot of awful advice, and those who follow it are just as Muslim as the loving father exclusively teaching his kids to respect everyone. Sorry, but it’s true. We can’t keep calling No True Scotsman on this.

Radical terrorism is a complex problem to which I have no answers. What I can say for sure is it won’t disappear if we pretend it’s not there. We can start by reclaiming the word Islamophobe. It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of and to want to criticise scary ideas.


2 thoughts on “I am an Islamophobe

    • All religions have extemists, but extremist activity seems most prevalent in Islamic culture. Countries like Iraq and Yemen are hardly peaceful. The threat to ths west is definitely overblown though. The media almost assists radical Islam in its mission to spread fear.

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