Fed up of so-called liberals

I never put my full-support behind any political parties without first checking their policies, but I would say that I’m generally centre-left with most of my ideas. Or so I think I am.

I don’t know about you, but for me the word “liberal” means freedom and progress. Most of all, in my view, it’s about maintaining an open mind and thinking objectively about ideas.

The definition seems so contorted these days that it may as well mean the complete opposite. Liberal has become a bit of a dirty word to my ears, and not in a good way.

You know who calls themselves liberal? The seemingly thousands of idiot SJW students swarming American campuses. They cry over “unsafe” ideas and get triggered by an infinite amount of “offensive” words.

You know who calls themselves liberal? The Canadian Prime Minister who thinks it’s cool to place gender above skill level when it comes to employing people. If you’re a woman, congratulations – you’re much more employable than a dirty stinking mam. Bonus points if you’re not white (probably).

You know who calls themselves liberal? Places like New York, where you could be fined thousands for referring to someone using an “inappropriate” transgender pronoun.

What is up with this world? Seriously. The SJW crowd are the ones who really get to me, a bunch of university students FIGHTING AGAINST free speech. If I recall the book correctly, the world within 1984 was brought on by a corrupt, manipulative government. In real life its the civilians themselves who are actively pushing for communist law. And isn’t university supposed to be about seeking new knowledge through conversation and debate? Not if said debate topics are deemed too sensitive or offensive for discussion.

It’s kind of scary because if universities keep bending over to these restrictive agendas the self-righteous students within will soon be our future government, a government of politicians who think jokes are a form of traumatic ear-rape.

Over the course of Brexit and the Presidential Election I watched quite a lot of comedy programs, US ones in particular. It may sound silly, but comedy can be a great way of finding truth in the world. That’s what the best comics do, in my opinion. Although mostly liberal, great comedians take shots at both sides of the political scale in a bid for a better, more reasonable world.

Not this time. With Brexit, all I could find on TV were Remainer comics labelling all would-be Brexiteers a bunch of bigots and racists. It was uncreative, unfunny and madly inaccurate. Then came Trump. I used to watch John Oliver’s show thinking he stood for honesty but he gave Clinton such a let off during the run up – as did pretty much all the late-night shows – that I lost confidence in him. I get it, Trump really, really, really sucks but don’t go painting Hillary as some flawless Goddess because very few will buy into it. Hillary owns a lot of TV channels, it seems.

Just after the result I hoped that die-hard liberals like John would at least ponder the hows and whys of the situation but what did they do? Label every Trump supporter a piece of shit because the only reason you’d have to vote against Shillary is that you’re an angry misogynist who wants to keep women oppressed and supposedly held back.

It just seems to me that mainstream liberal media judges ideas based on which groups they come from – if you’re part of a “oppressed” minority, you cannot possibly have any bad ideas (it would be racist/xenophobic/ablest etc to suggest differently).

Rather than asking themselves “Is idea X an objectionally good thing?” they seem more concerned with “Will I come across a good person if I support idea X?” For example, I’ve never seen a mainstream news report on any of the terrible incidents associated with Black Lives Matter, such as when quite a few members went on a march shouting death to all cops. Because BLM portray themselves as an anti-racism group, we’re just supposed to assume that they cannot do anything wrong.

If the ideas come from a black community, they must be good and shouldn’t be questioned.

If a bunch of extreme man-hating feminists say that there is an oppressive patriarchy draining the life out of them, they must be right and every man should apologise and pay.

Of course transgender people are above everyone else when it comes to giving and taking offence.

Of course white men are scum of the Earth.

Of course wheelchair-users should be allowed to barge into whoever gets in their way (watch this space).

Donald Trump will never do anything right.

Those black teens who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled Trump fan did nothing wrong (I guess skin colour trumps mental disability on the minority sympathy scale, at least when mixed with Trump).

Even writing this I’m wondering whether I’m coming across as a racist, Trump-loving, Muslim-hating sexist pig. I promise you I am none of these. I just want the mainstream left to calm down a bit. Stop with the identity politics and the word games and the policing of ideas.

We should all be fighting for free speech, not against it. We should scrutinise all ideas in the same rigorous and objective way, regardless as to whether they come from Nigel frog-face Farage or our nice Muslim neighbour. Everyone has the ability to come up with pretty good ideas, and quite a few have an inclination towards bad ones. We just have to listen to each other and discern the good from the bad, the bad from the workable.

Be adult. Be civil. Be my type of liberal. And if you think that was a cringey rhyme, you obviously despise the disabled.


P.S. This brilliant man actually sums up my feelings on this topic better than I ever could. I was so relieved the day this video came out: finally here was a comic honest (and kind of brave) enough to speak the unfiltered truth!


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