Fake news?

Lately there’s been a new buzzword flying around: fake news. If you told me a few months ago that politicians and celebrities alike would all be discussing the issue of fake news I’d have been delighted.

You mean the public will be informed/reminded to stay skeptical of dishonest sources? Great!

As with everything these days, however, the topic is coming out misinformed and twisted to promote a political agenda.

John Oliver blamed the election of Trump on fake news, with the logic that all of his supporters are too dumb to know the difference. He then went on a tirade on the media for showing too much of Trump’s speeches. I guess they should’ve completely ignored him, that would’ve been fair.

Whenever the politicians mention fake news it’s often done to dismiss the other side’s arguments. Don’t listen to these people everyone, they’re part of the fake news network!

What really irritates me is that newspapers are getting in on the act too. You know, the type that publish bullshit daily. They’re now getting on their high-horses about drawing the line between fact and fiction.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both entertained the notion of banning certain alternative media for spreading supposed nonsense.

I just shudder whenever I hear that the government is thinking about monitoring the news, of seperating fact from fiction on our behalf. I don’t deny that the mass of information available to us nowadays demands higher levels of scrutiny, but at no means do we need to start banning or censoring information.

Here’s an idea. Instead of blaming the internet as usual, why don’t we look at ways of creating a society of better critical thinkers? Why don’t we examine the educational system and see where it’s failing?

When are Western governments going to drop their obsession with restrictions?


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