Town Preacher

I saw a preacher in the middle of town, spreading the good word. It’s a fairly rare sight in Britain. It confuses me when I see preachers in places where the majority is already religious, so I guess it makes a little more sense to see this guy take on a nation where even the religious generally keep their faith lowkey.

This preacher, then. He seems polite and is just riddling off some of the nicer Bible lines. Like everyone else, I pass him as quickly as possible. When he’s out of sight I start wondering what his goals are. What, if anything, does he expect to happen from his shouting some lines out for a few hours? If he seriously desires new converts, he can’t get much day-to-day satisfaction.

At least he seems civil and doesn’t scream at kids about Hell, at least not in public. I assume this man gets his kicks from showing the world how great he is for loving Jesus. In the same way that I watch dodgy exploitative Christian TV just to say “I’m glad I didn’t have to attend this creepy church service”, Preacher Man is probably looking at us and thinking “They are oh so blind.”

Perspective is everything. I’d bet this preacher feels like a bit of a hero in his head. To be fair to him, I’d probably be a bit selfish if I knew the secret to a great life and would keep it hidden from all but a few very close friends. Here’s this guy tossing the word around left, right and centre AND NOBODY IS EVEN LISTENING?! The world must seem insane.


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