The dancing stranger


I glanced behind me. Oh God, he was closing in.

From out of nowhere came this tall guy with unkempt hair, holding his mobile to his ear like it was a boombox. The music came out tinny and hollow but he didn’t care. He didn’t walk. He skipped, danced his way down the street. Singing in a foreign language, his voice missing every note. It was midday.

He’d pick on me. They always do, the strange ones. The people everyone sees but nobody knows.

He catches up with me, of course. He comes to side of my chair and starts clicking his fingers and singing into my ear. I try not to look at him and hope he goes away. He goes away.

When he’s gone I realise I’m smiling in the realisation that I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before. Sometimes I worry I’m going around in circles, that it’s getting harder and harder to break away from my comfort zone. Well today I didn’t have to do anything – this hippy guy did all the hard work for me. And I liked it. He made me smile.

I watch him as he literally twirls past a group of strangers and shouts something incoherent at himself. Where did he come from? Where is he going? He wears a trippy hippy shirt bright with rainbow colours so maybe he’s halfway through a fun psychedelic trip. Or maybe he overdid it once and now he suffers with Endless Disco Fever.

It’s odd. This guy, so strange and out-there, makes me feel normal for a change. I look around at the many people he initiated a dance with and they’re all laughing and smiling. One man gives me a baffled glance as if to say “What was that?” For once I feel part of the norm. Kids stare at him, not me.

But I wasn’t embarrassed for the guy. If that’s what madness looks like, I need to try some one day. He seemed in complete ecstasy, ignorant of any type of judgement. I’m sure most around me are thinking “What a weirdo.” I was thinking “I wish I had the balls to dance with random strangers in the middle of the day.” Your norm is someone else’s weird.


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