Are all terror attacks hoaxes?


A friend told me to look up a hoax theory about Saturday’s London Bridge attack. My heart sunk upon realising that he could be swerved by that stuff but I looked it up anyway.

I wasn’t convinced. There’s footage of police changing into gear in the middle of the street but I concluded it was for protection rather than disguise – if they were going to dress up like terrorists they wouldn’t do it outside. There’s another point where they wonder why medics worked on victims on the road, in danger. Maybe it was because the roads were closed/protected and the victims were fragile??

I usually keep my mouth shut on these things but I told my friend I didn’t buy the story. It didn’t feel good. My friend looked dejected. I think deep down he knows that it’s completely plausible that brainwashed assholes can get together and cause such misery, he just doesn’t want to believe it. He’d rather blame the heartless, faceless government. When I suggested he was wrong, it felt akin to telling a nice humble Christian that there’s probably no God and we’re all going to die.

It’s not always this way. There are certain friends I’ve fallen out with because they’re so convinced that everything terror-related is a scripted hoax that they don’t seem to care about anyone involved in the attack. Just a day after each attack they post their take on it all. They spread the shit just to show how supposedly clever they are. Then there are the ones who encourage harassment of mourning families because they think they helped set the event up – these are the ones that make me yearn for the nukes.

There aren’t enough proper skeptics around, only selective skeptics. I blame schools. They should be harnessing critical thinking skills but instead it’s all about short-term memory tests and obedience courses. Humans need to be taught early on not to get too invested in their opinions or theories, that it’s crucial to separate emotions from facts. But here’s one conspiracy theory I actually believe: the government doesn’t want a general public who think for themselves. Never has, never will.

The people who think they know everything about the world tend to be the most deluded, self-obsessed people I know. They are more than likely terrified of everything and just crave respect and acceptance. In my opinion it’s better to admit that life is crazy and we have barely any control over world events. Embrace it and try to make the world a tiny bit nicer.


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