I don’t mind having cerebral palsy, it was a match of fate. We argue sometimes but all in all we’re good. I just wish I wasn’t reminded of being ’special’ so often. I’m not special. Then again I’m not normal. What am I? What is this? What?
This blog will explore the array of absurdity that comes with living life with a visible disability, as well as the fragility of life, the mysteries of death and other fun topics. It’s about chairs and the things beyond them which, depending on where you’re sitting, could be anything.


2 thoughts on “About

    • If there was a God who actively healed people that would be lovely, but I can’t find any concrete evidence backing up either.

      I think if I lived life constantly praying for a miracle, I would likely be waiting for a lifetime to no avail. I would be losing out on time and self-acceptance.

      Just giving an honest answer – I know you mean well. From another perspective, let’s say there is a God. If He meant for me to be disabled, He would expect me to get on with it (I would think.)


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